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Testimonials About Chestnuts from Chestnuts Direct

• I recently received an order of your chestnuts. I must tell you they were some of the best I've ever had. They were sweet, easy to peel, and had no worms. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the wonderful nuts. I have to tell you that I have purchased chestnuts before from different web sites and yours is by far the best I've had. You see, around here there are hardly any local nuts to speak of, so I have to go elsewhere to buy them. Keep up the good work and you'll hear from me again. Thanks!

Eddie C.
Bristol, VA

• I would love to be notified when you have chestnuts for ordering. I got some last year late in the season and they were the best chestnuts I have ever eaten and I am so looking forward to having them again this year. Thanks.

Katie C.
Nashville, TN

• These chestnuts are beautiful. Never saw such big chestnuts in my life. Louis said even in Italy he hadn’t seen such big ones. Thank you so very much for sending them to us, they were delicious.

Maryann G.
Sterling, VA

• I just received your letter today saying that you did not bill my credit card for them, nor did you charge me for shipping! That was so incredibly nice of you and very unexpected. I was happy to let you know that your website wasn't accepting orders and thought of it as a favor to you. Well, you've renewed my trust that there are still good companies to do business with and that people appreciate small gestures. Whenever a friend or family member of mine brings up the subject of chestnuts or other nuts, I will be sure to steer them your way. Of course, when I need them, I wouldn't think of getting them from anyone but you. I wish you all kinds of success with your business.

Diane M.
Syracuse, NY

• Thank you. Your customer service has been excellent. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Lucy B.
Alta Loma, CA

• Thank you so much for the wonderful information on chestnuts! There are several places around that have trees. But I've never known what to do with them! As soon as I email this off we're going to go roast some chestnuts in the oven! Thanks again for your help!

Heidi H.
Tucson, AZ

• I got my chestnuts today - they are big and beautiful - can't wait to taste them. I boil mine with lots of salt and a bay leaf - tastes like butter. Thanks for the quick shipment. Best regards.

Monette F.
Opelousas, LA

• You have a great website. I am living on a farm with a chestnut tree and wanted more recipes. Your info here was very helpful. Thanks.

Jan B.

• Thank you...your chestnuts are beautiful!

Jean L.
Long Beach, CA

• My husband has enjoyed the chestnuts…he was so surprised! Thank you for mailing them.

Karen D.
Montgomery, AL


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