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One of the great things about the holidays is it’s a chance to experiment with new culinary delicacies.

Unfortunately, as the usual array of mashed potatoes, turkey and cookies begin to flood the table, it’s apparent that few people take advantage of the creative opportunity the holidays provide.

Perhaps it’s because of the time it takes to find new recipes and learn how to prepare them.

Or maybe it’s the cost factor often associated with preparing uncommon foods.

In our country’s current economic state, many people have neither the time nor money to prepare “fancy” holiday feasts, or so they’d think.

There are delicious recipes out there that won’t break the bank.

Chestnuts serve this purpose perfectly because they’re not only a healthy complement to any meal, but can be featured as the main ingredient in any menu.  

They pair great in soups with vegetables such as leeks, carrots and celery.

They can be sautéed with spices and added to flavorful broths of chicken and cream or added to a rich, savory vegetable soup, such as butternut squash.

Or, think sautéed chestnuts and garlic with cranberries, grilled bacon and egg displayed over a bed of spinach. Serve with a warm vinaigrette dressing and this is a first course sure to grant Top-Chef praise to its creator.

Chestnuts also work as a vehicle to put a spin on the usual Thanksgiving turkey.  Fill that gobbler with a stuffing of roasted chestnuts, veggies and spices so rich the cravings won’t stop until next year.

Or, go back in time with simplicity by roasting up a batch of chestnuts. Chestnut roasters make it easy to prepare this classic treat without the mess – or potential fire hazards.  Click here to order a chestnut roaster.

Chestnuts are so diverse they can be used in just about anything imaginable, but their real kick comes from their health benefits.

Chestnuts are fat and gluten free and are the least fatty of all their competitors, which is one reason they’re commonly being converted into household staples such as pasta and flour.

To discover how to cook with chestnuts like a Top Chef, order The Ultimate Guide to Chestnut Recipes on us.  Here, you’ll find countless options detailing preparation ideas for your chestnut delicacies.

This guide full of sweet and savory dishes for all occasions is complementary to all those interested in exploring the culinary creations made possible with chestnuts.


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