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Our secure server provides convenient access to your favorite items!Order Chestnuts Online or over 81 years, our commitment to quality has remained constant. California grown and pesticide free, Chestnuts Direct chestnuts are harvested every three days to ensure the freshest chestnuts for sale. We ship fresh American chestnuts for sale directly from our orchard to your home. Hand sorting provides the quality demanded by grower and consumer. Proper storage at 30 degrees F assures that the customer receives the freshest and the best product that is only truly possible when buying direct from the grower. Unfortunately, most grocery stores are not knowledgeable or equipped to care for and store chestnuts properly.

We invite you to visit our online store. In addition to retail fresh chestnuts, we feature Pre-peeled and Pre-cooked chestnuts, English Walnuts (both in shell and shelled), a chestnut roaster (both oven roasted and open fire types), a chestnut cookbook, Holiday Gift Baskets, a CD, featuring Christmas classics, and a special knife used for slitting the nuts prior to roasting. If you have any additional gift basket ideas, please contact us. Your input is always welcome.

Also feel free to read our information page. It includes cooking instructions on how to roast chestnuts as well as other methods of cooking our product. Also included are many tips for properly handling, curing, and storing. Curing is a very important step in maximizing the flavor, as well as simplifying the peeling process of the nuts.

Our product can be enjoyed merely roasted or boiled and are also gaining popularity in many gourmet recipes. Please check
out our chestnut recipes page (featuring our favorite chestnut stuffing recipe).

From our family to yours...Girolami Farms.

Chestnut Recipes

Our products can be enjoyed merely roasted or boiled and are also gaining popularity in many gourmet recipes. Check out our delicious chestnut recipes.

We typically have chestnuts for sale from mid September through late November. If you would like to be notified when this year's crop is in, please e-mail or call.
You can also pre-order our products to be delivered at your request. If you would like to purchase chestnuts as a gift for someone, we will include a gift card with your personal message.


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